A Floor

Towards the end of my busy day yesterday I was reading some blogs.  I desperately needed to unwind after my daughter went to bed.  On one blog she displayed pictures of her daughters room all organized and cleaned up.  I was inspired. I headed off to Jays & my bedroom – which had sort of become a dumping ground for everything.  I ended up packing up 5 bags of my clothing – some maternity and some pre-baby.  Needless to say I have not worn any of those clothes in a few months, so I packed up the clothes and took them out of my room.  Then I proceeded to clean up and vacuum the floor.  I was so excited to go to bed last night because the room was so clean.This morning all of my effort paid off.  Bonnie crawled into our bedroom and just stopped.  She looked around and looked at me as if to say – where am I?  I was so pleased that the room looked so much better that even our daughter didn’t recognize it.  On a side note I cleaned up the bedroom and didn’t just stop at the bedroom floor.  I cleaned out my closet and organized my shoes.  Then I attacked my dresser.  Lets just say way too much was stored in those drawers.  I had vintage curtains that had never been shortened for the kitchen window in my drawers.  I removed those and put them in storage.  All I have left to do is clean off my dresser – which is truly a large task but I’m looking forward to it.  I love the way the room looks.  I think I may even hang some pictures in there and make the room feel very welcome.On another note we have to tackle Bonnie’s room this week – a chore I do not look forward too. 


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