Is it Morning?

What a crazy busy weekend.  I worked half the weekend and then cleaned the other half.  Needless to say none of it did any good – except we discovered a pretty important piece of the puzzle to what I was working on at work.

On the fun side of the weekend I started a new embroidery.  I picked it up from the Wee Wonderfuls website and I’m having a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to finish it and hang it up in Bonnie’s room.  Her room needs a lot of work and I would like to have pictures hung to make it look like a real room and not just a space that someone sleeps in.

On a new note – what do you do when your baby begins waking up regularly duing the middle of the night and must have a bottle (of milk not water) to go back to sleep.  I haven’t had good sleep for two weeks and I have to say it’s killing me.  I’ll just suck it up but really if anyone has any good advice please let me in on it.


One response to “Is it Morning?

  1. Hi! I found your site through a comment you made on wee wonderfuls. I’m a new blogger, too. I love the cards you made, and the embroidery. Looking forward to seeing more interesting crafts on your site, and hope to get some good stuff on mine, too!

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