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Finally I can blog

I’ve been trying to get this blogsite up and running for a week or so.  On my home computer every time I tried to blog it would kick me out saying I had an error.  Luckily I’m at the office on Saturday to blog.   

Now down to the good stuff.  I craft when I have free time and absolutely love doing it.  I found a new site this morning and she has the same name as me.  I know this sounds silly but I love it – just my silliness surfacing.  So the site is  She makes absolutely some of the neatest stuff I’ve ever seen.  I wish I could think up ideas like she does.  But then all the sites I visit are just amazing.   I figure I’ll be able to create my own ideas in the future but right now I’m just getting the basics down. 

I ordered my first three Japanese craft magazines the other day.  One I bought off eBay.  Turns out the magazine is really being shipped from
Japan.  I choose the free shipping method so I’ll get the magazine in about two to three weeks, just about the time I will forget about it.  So when it arrives it should be pretty cool. 

Other exciting news is the bathroom remodel was finished last week.  Now don’t be foolish and think I had anything to do with this except take a few pictures of the bathroom.  I have absolutely no ability to remodel in any way shape of form.  But I love it.  Better yet little Bonnie loves the bathtub – a new addition to the household.   

So this week turned out good.  I bought three Japanese magazines, used my new bathroom, cleaned house, accomplished a lot at work, played with Bonnie, found a bunch more craft sites, and spent time with my man, Jay.